Become a U.S. Citizen – Make More Money (Here’s Why)

Naturalized US citizens have been shown to earn more money than non-citizen immigrants. But why? Well, there are several reasons. Here are 6 reasons to...

/ July 29, 2016
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Registration Deadline for Somalia TPS Friday, July 31

Somalians living in the U.S. with Temporary Protected Status must re-register by Friday, Jul. 31 or risk losing their status and work authorization. Somalians who re-register will...

/ July 27, 2015
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The DACA Work Permit Recall: What You Need to Know

This article was updated on July 18, 2015. It wrongly stated that ALL persons with 3-year work permits should return them, when in fact only...

/ July 16, 2015
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Nepal Immigrants Now Eligible for Temporary Protected Status

Two months after Nepal was struck with a deadly 7.8 earthquake, the Department of Homeland Security has designated the country for special immigration protections. Nepalis living...

/ June 25, 2015

Singer, Actress Zendaya Coleman Shares the Immigrant Story behind her Name

Zendaya Coleman, American singer, actress and dancer, tells the history behind her name in a moving video. June is Immigrant Heritage Month, a whole month dedicated to...

/ June 15, 2015
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10 Must Know Tips for Filing Immigration Paperwork

10 ways to help make sure that your U.S. immigration paperwork is filed correctly. 1. Be prepared for paperwork beyond the government form Every immigration...

/ March 24, 2015

A DREAMer’s Life Transformed by DACA

After 14 years living undocumented in the U.S., Oralia Basurto’s life drastically changed. Because of a new immigration policy created by President Obama, she was...

/ March 4, 2015