Even the Beatles had Immigration Trouble

As part of its A-Files of interest, the USCIS has released immigration documents pertaining to visits to the United States made by Beatles legend George Harrison.

The 20 pages of old documents tell the story of the rock star getting heat for a drug conviction when he tried to extend his visa in the United States.

Immigration and Naturalization services deemed Harrison “inadmissible” but allowed him to enter the country in March of 1973 to conduct legal and business meetings. According to the document, his extension was denied but he was allowed to stay until June like he wanted.

In response, Harrison sent a strongly and oddly written letter to the President of the United States at the time, Richard Nixon. You can read it below but note how an immigration officer wrote “Is this one of the former Beatles?” on the top. By 1973, the group had broken up. The letter talks about a secret bombing of Cambodia authorized by Nixon during the Vietnam war. It’s believed that bombing increased opposition to the war. Harrison made his position known:

It’s widely believed that both George Harrison and John Lennon’s opposition to the U.S. government’s actions led to their respective immigration troubles after being welcomed into the country due to The Beatles fame.  The documents are all available for viewing through the USCIS. Just a glimpse at the issues even celebrities have when it comes to immigration processes.

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