Partners with UNLV Immigration Clinic to Offer Free Help With DACA Renewal Forms

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (Sep. 13, 2017) — Online immigration software company is partnering with the University of Nevada Las Vegas Immigration Clinic to stand by DREAMers who are having their DACA protections taken from them.

Although the federal government announced an end to DACA on September 5, 2017, eligible DACA recipients can still renew their DACA status until October 5, 2017. The UNLV Immigration Clinic is offering free help to those eligible to renew. will provide its software free of charge starting today for those qualifying applicants.

The Immigration Clinic’s attorneys are overseeing 40 volunteers who will help applicants complete their DACA renewal applications using It’s a partnership that highlights’s commitment to standing with immigrants and lending a helping hand to the community.

“We employ a number of DACA recipients at They are a very important part of our team. DACA recipients have proven that same fact to employers across the country.” CEO and founder Cesare Alessandrini said. “With such a tight deadline, filing a DACA renewal correctly is critical and that’s where we can help. It’s the right thing to do.”

UNLV’s Immigration Clinic was eager to help DREAMers and found they could help many more people using

“At UNLV we’ve had a huge outpouring of students who want to volunteer to help with DACA renewals, but we had to scramble to get them trained on how to actually do it,” said UNLV Immigration Clinic Director Michael Kagan. “We are really grateful that has made this a whole lot easier for us.”

“We sent out a call for volunteers on Thursday, and we had close to 50 law students, faculty, staff and alumni respond,” Kagan said. “By Tuesday, we were already taking appointments and volunteers were completing DACA applications for dreamers.”

FileRight’s DACA renewal application package is typically $149, but that fee is being waived until October 5, 2017. Applicants are still responsible for government fees of $495 associated with the application but will receive FileRight’s guidance and oversight-free of charge.

Eligible DACA recipients who cannot make it to UNLV’s Immigration Clinic are welcome to use’s online software to complete their DACA renewal application for free until the federal government’s deadline of October 5, 2017. Visit or call  1-888-864-5167 to begin the process. The eligibility quiz takes just a few moments and will determine if you qualify to renew DACA status under the latest rules. The application itself is available in both English and Spanish.

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