FileRight’s Cost offers a variety of immigration solutions for people looking to apply for benefits from the United Citizenship and Immigration Services. Whether you want to become a citizen of the United States or renew your green card, has you covered.

Here’s a breakdown of our cost including what you’ll have to pay in USCIS fees.

Our customers have told us first hand that attorneys will charge thousands of dollars to help you fill out the same applications you can do with FileRight’s guidance.

We even offer a double money back guarantee.

All of our applications begin with an eligibility quiz where you’ll be asked simple questions to determine if you are eligible for the immigration benefit you would like. The process helps avoid headaches later and gives you the confidence you’re filling out the correct paperwork.

The USCIS is continually increasing the costs of the government’s immigration services so it is important to file your application as soon as you can.

Start your application today!

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