Corazon immigrated from the Philippines and used Fileright to become a US Citizen

Corazon was born and raised in the Philippines but decided when she was older that she wanted to explore the new opportunities that the United States has to offer. She successfully immigrated to the United States with a Green Card.

After living comfortably in the U.S. for several years, she realized it was time to renew her Green Card. She searched online and found FileRight. She trusted FileRight to help make the process of renewing her Green Card much simpler!

FileRight handled it all for her, so she did not have to worry about a thing. She expressed that FileRight helped her and her family so much and they ”got the Green Card as soon as possible without any problems”. 

After 10 years, permanent residence Green Cards need to be renewed. FileRight helped Corazon file her form I-90, Application to Renew Permanent Residence Green Card and all supporting documents to assure she got them done before the expiration date.  

Corazon is now looking forward to becoming a U.S. citizen so she can reap the benefits of a naturalized citizen. By becoming a citizen of the United States, she will be able to vote and never has to fear complications of reentering the U.S. when traveling abroad. To take this next step, she is using FileRight to complete it with ease.

Corazon says that “We are so lucky we found out about FileRight.”

Not only does FileRight have the form preparation service for Corazon to become a citizen covered, but they also provide FREE US Citizenship test and interview online classes and much more to prepare her for her upcoming tests.

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