Man Accused of Stealing Thousands From Immigrants

A 52-year-old man is wanted in connection with several counts of grand theft in the San Jose area after authorities say Noel Tagle Gutierrez ripped off 17 different people through promises of immigration services. That’s according to the NBC affiliate in the San Jose area. Prosecutors say Gutierrez identified himself as an immigration consultant.

According to the report the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office believes Gutierrez stole $44,000 from the victims and never provided the services he said he would.

Prosecutors say Gutierrez failed to provide victims a written contract, didn’t tell them how much it would cost and failed to tell them he was not an attorney and could not perform legal services. According to the article, Gutierrez also didn’t have $100,000 bond which is required from immigration consultants.

Prosecutors say one victim was taken for $4285 in 2015 for services that were never provided.

Law enforcement is asking anyone who thinks they may have been victims of Gutierrez to report the crime immediately by calling the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office of Notario Fraud Unit at 408-808-4599 or email

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