May Day March Draws Thousands to Las Vegas Strip

LAS VEGAS – Thousands of union members and local residents made their presence known Monday as they marched in support of immigrants. The event was part of May Day marches that happened around the world and was locally organized by the Culinary Union Local 226.

In the crowd, supporters of immigration reform spoke to about their experiences with the current immigration system.

“It’s like a super long process. My family members have faced being denied for practically no reason. It’s such a long process and almost impossible to get it,” Paulina Guiza, a march participant, said. “It was very stressful and them constantly being anxious waiting to see if they were going to get it or not,” Guiza said.

Watch the story of Alisa Garcia below who marched for her grandparents and took on the persona of “Rosita the Riveter” as inspiration.

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