Naturalization applications skyrocket as USCIS backlog grows

The National Partnership for New Americans just released a report that shows the amount of immigrants applying for citizenship is up dramatically.

The amount of immigrants who apply for Naturalization, or the process for immigrants to become citizens, usually increases during presidential elections but that momentum has not slowed down in 2017, according to the report.

The USCIS has seen a dramatic rise in applications for citizenship of 35.76% since 2015, according to researchers for the organization. About two million eligible green card holders have applied for citizenship.1

The same study finds that because of the massive increase in citizenship applications the USCIS’ backlog has also grown dramatically.1

In the past two years the study finds the backlog at the government agencies has ballooned 77%.1

FileRight CEO Cesare Alessandrini has written extensively about the USCIS’ struggle and how their attempts at a technological solution have failed.

“There are few issues within the immigration fields that are not controversial in the current climate, but the case of lawfully present and eligible immigrants who have gone through the time and expense of pursuing the dream of U.S. citizenship should be one of them,” Emily Gelbaum the study’s author writes.

The National Partnership for New Americans estimates there are currently 8.8 million eligible green card holders who can apply for citizenship. They believe the increase in the number of citizenship applications is because of the current political attitudes toward immigrants.1

“The current climate of insults and threats toward immigrants, and increased immigration enforcement by this administration has resulted in millions of immigrants feeling fear and resentment towards unfair scapegoating,” the report states.

Researchers found that many eligible immigrants do not apply for citizenship for a variety of reasons including, cost, lack of clear information and fear of failing the citizenship test.

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