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Customer Story: Carmen

Carmen has helped her brother renew his green card a few times. She used FileRight the most recent time and has convinced him to apply for citizenship because she doesn’t want to bother with green card renewals in the future. Check out her story. Find out if you’re eligible for citizenship! Find out if …

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Customer Story: Lawrence

Lawrence wanted to help his 80-year-old mother renew her green card so he jumped online and started searching for a solution. He found FileRight and took advantage of our immigration lawyer review. Our attorney partners will look over your application and ensure there are no errors that could lead to delays or denials. Finding …

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Customer Story: Conrado

Conrado became a U.S. citizen but when he applied for a passport his original naturalization certificate was lost. He used FileRight to help him get a second copy. Find out if you’re eligible for a replacement naturalization certificate.

Customer Story: Magalie

Magalie grew up in Haiti and had dreams of coming to the United States. She made her dreams a reality and is now looking forward to becoming an American citizen using FileRight’s guidance.  Find out if you’re eligible for citizenship and start your application today.

Customer Stories: Elaine R

Elaine didn’t want to hire an attorney to complete her naturalization paperwork because she thought she could do it on her own. She didn’t feel comfortable enough to fill out Form N-400 without some guidance so she used FileRight to get it done. Find out if you’re eligible for citizenship. Start your citizenship application …

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Customer Story: Klodjana M

Klodjana’s husband dreamed of one day moving to New York City from Albania. For years they tried the green card lottery until one day he won. Klodjana is now becoming a U.S. citizen through naturalization. Listen to her story. FileRight can let you know if you’re eligible for citizenship in moments. You can start your …

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Customer Story: Eric

Eric says he wanted to further his education in the United States and provide a better future for his family. Listen as he talks about his experience through the immigration system using Eric is an example of someone who could do their citizenship paperwork on their own with the guidance provided by’s …

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Customer Story: William

William fled his native Vietnam to escape persecution after the Vietnam War. He tells a harrowing tale  of surviving on a small boat an eventually resettling in the United States as a refugee. William is using FileRight to file Form I-130 Petition for an Alien Relative to secure green cards for his family. Check …

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Customer Story: Dino

Dino typically does his immigration paperwork on his own but he wanted to make sure his citizenship application was done right. Check out his story below. With FileRight you can find out if you’re eligible for citizenship in seconds by taking our FREE eligibility quiz. You can start your application right away.