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FileRight.com - Immigration Paperwork just Got Easier

FileRight Immigration

When it comes to immigration paperwork, one mistake, one missed signature, one omission can lead to costly consequences or even worse. FileRight.com was created and...

/ July 17, 2017
Individual using FileRight.com Online Software to complete immigration applications

Is FileRight Safe?

We see this question come up a lot on social media. You’re right to ask questions about what you see online but we’re here to...

/ July 5, 2017

Customer Story: Aida F

When Aida Fresenbet fell victim to a scam she became very protective of herself. She entrusted FileRight.com to renew her green card and she says...

/ May 8, 2017

Worry-free Immigration Paperwork? FileRight.com Makes it Possible

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of many of the companies based in Silicon Valley, which is famous for the abundance of tech firms that call it home. Companies like...

/ February 11, 2016

FileRight is the TurboTax of Immigration Paperwork

When tax season arrives every year, countless U.S. citizens cope with the stresses involved with filing for taxes. Recently, TurboTax has been able to take...

/ February 9, 2016