Una Su Familia (Unite Your Family) intends to reunite families hoping to live together legally in the United States

UnaSuFamilia.com is a grassroots FileRight initiative focused on bringing awareness to major changes to our immigration system being considered by the Trump administration.

The administration has spoken extensively about eliminating most forms of family migration they refer to as “chain migration”.

FileRight wants to be at the forefront of this message to get the word out about these proposed changes which can dramatically impact immigrants across the country.

FileRight is committed to informing our immigrant communities of the proposed changes to immigration law. Changes to family migration could have devastating effects on families across the country who will lose the ability to reunite legally in the United States.

It’s now more important than ever to stay informed about immigration and FileRight has proven to be an invaluable source of information for the immigrant community.

What President Donald Trump is proposing:

  • Changes to family migration that restrict the types of relatives green card holders and U.S. citizens can petition for legal U.S. immigration.
  • Changes to limit family migration to “immediate relatives” defined as spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21.
  • U.S. citizens can no longer petition siblings and parents, something that is still available to immigrants right now.
  • Reduce the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country each year.

Those eligible to petition a relative or apply for citizenship should do so as soon as possible.

That’s because these proposed changes would likely have no impact on immigration applications filed before a potential change of law occurs.

Those eligible for citizenship should also strongly consider applying today to escape the endless cycle of paying for renewals and potential for unforeseen changes to green card regulations.

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