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New Report Finds Immigrant Contributions In The State In The Billions

A new report documents the financial contribution immigrants have on the U.S., broken down by state, and shows that one-sixth of Arizona’s workforce are immigrants and that they support the…..

Are Noncitizens In North Carolina Eligible For Medicaid? Some Are. Here Are The Rules

In North Carolina, 7% of U.S.-born people do not have health insurance, while 12% of immigrant U.S. citizens and 47% of immigrant noncitizens are uninsured. That’s according to a new Urban Institute and….

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How Much Does It Cost To Process It The First Time?

The document proving the permanent legal residence of deer among immigrants known as the Green Card which gives the rights, benefits and obligations of the country, and is issued by….

Naturalization Ceremony Welcomes 16 New Citizens On Dedication Day

At Gettysburg’s Dedication Day on Sunday, 16 people from 8 different countries officially became United States citizens. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says over 574,000 people across the….

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Congress Unlikely To Include A pathway To Citizenship In Its Border Deal

Pathways to citizenship for young immigrants protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are unlikely to be included in a border deal lawmakers are trying to hash out in the….

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