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What’s Included in Your Application Package Service

  • Complete your application online using our easy to use immigration software.
  • Securely check your application using our Immigration Error Report technology.
  • Review entire application for omissions of key information.
  • Examine for typographical errors that might delay processing.
  • Confirm consistent spellings of names and places throughout the application.
  • Check for inconsistent, illogical or conflicting dates.
  • Review for obviously illogical entries.
  • Search for entries that conflict with each other.
  • Our software checks the information you provide against the eligibility requirements for the immigration benefit you’re seeking, and notifies you if those requirements are not met.
  • Once you complete your application, we print, assemble and mail out your application package to you.
  • We include sticky notes on where you need to sign and date your application.
  • Service includes a pre-paid envelope for you to mail your completed package directly to the USCIS for processing.
  • We mail your application package via USPS

What are the requirements for Australian Citizenship?

The general requirements for Australian Citizenship are:

  • Permanent resident status for 1 year and have lived in Australia for at least 9 out 12 months within the year
  • Lived continuously and legally in Australia for the past 4 years
  • Be physically present in Australia and must have not been absent for more than 12 months in the last 4 years
  • Meet the good moral character requirement

What are the requirements for Australian Citizenship if I am the spouse or partner of an Australian Citizen?

As a wife, husband or partner of an Australian citizen you must follow the same process and satisfy the same requirements as any other applicant.

A frequently asked question is: “My wife has a Partner Visa 820 and we have a child who is also an Australian citizen. Is my wife eligible for citizenship?”

A Partner Visa 820 is a temporary visa and the first step towards getting a permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801). As stated above, in order to apply for citizenship you need to have held permanent resident status for 1 year and lived in Australia for at least 9 months of that year, as well as having lived continuously and legally in Australia for the past 4 years.

However, as a spouse of an Australian Citizen there might be times where the time spent overseas may count as time spent in Australia if a close connection to Australia can be proved. This time may be counted towards the residence requirement. If that is your case you can contact DIBP to discuss your options.

You can find out more about your visa details and conditions at the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

What are the requirements for Australian Citizenship if I am a citizen of New Zealand?

Most New Zealand citizens are granted a Special Category visa (SCV) upon arrival to Australia. An SCV is a temporary visa but it grants permanent resident status which provides the right to live and work in Australia indefinitely. Your eligibility for Australian citizenship depends on your date of arrival to Australia:

  • If you arrived before 26 February 2001 you may be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.
  • If you arrived after 26 February 2001 you might be required to apply for permanent resident status first to be eligible for Australian Citizenship.
  • If you have a CentreLink certificate issued before 26 February 2004 stating you were residing in Australia you may also be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.

Is it possible to get Australian Citizenship if you do not meet the basic requirements?

(Are there special circumstances that might make you eligible for Australian Citizenship?)
While 90 percent of Australian applicants meet the basic requirements for citizenship, there are special circumstances that would make you eligible. For example:

  • If you were born in Papua before 16 September 1975 and one of your parents was born in Australia or was an Australian Citizen and the time of your birth; OR
  • If you were born to a former Australian Citizen who lost his citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country; OR
  • If you are an Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minor (UHM) who arrived to Australia under the age of 18, without your parents and on a protection, refugee or other humanitarian visa.

What is the difference between Australian Citizenship Form 1300t and Form 1290?

You may use Form 1300t if you meet the application requirements and are in between 18 and 59 years old. Whereas you may use Form 1290 if you are 17 years old or younger, 60 years or older, or you suffer from a physical disability.

How long does it take to become a citizen?

As of December 31, 2019, 75% of the applications take 16 months to be processed while 90% of the applications take 21 months. Don’t wait, start your Australian citizenship application today. Click here to read more about Australian citizenship application processing times.

How much does applying for citizenship cost?

There are a few different fees associated with applying for citizenship. The government fees range between $300 – $490 depending on the form you use to file. File Right charges a service fee of $195 for access to our immigration software service which allows you to easily prepare and manage your application.

  • If you file using Form 1300t: $490 government fee
  • Form 1300t – General Eligibility is used by applicants who are between 18 and 59 years old.
  • If you file using Form 1290: $300 government fee
  • Form 1290 – Other Situations is used by applicants who are aged 60 and over, have a physical or mental inability
  • If your file using Form 118: $315 government fee
  • Form 118 – Citizenship by Descent is used by applicants who have at least one parent who was an Australian Citizen.
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