Simplifying Immigration

Immigration paperwork is complicated. FileRight makes it quick and easy.

We created FileRight because government forms are confusing and the risk of rejection for making small mistakes is high.

Whether it’s an application for citizenship, family-based green card or other U.S. immigration forms, our online software walks you through each immigration form step-by-step, reviews every answer to make sure nothing gets missed, and provides detailed instructions on how to properly file your papers with the United States government.

Using FileRight easily complete your form

We Believe:

In making things easy

Paperwork shouldn’t be difficult or scary. Our technology takes complicated immigration forms and makes them easy to complete with simple questions in a guided, online format.

In getting it right the first time

You shouldn’t have to worry about making minor mistakes. Our technology and detailed filing instructions help prevent errors that cause rejection.

In help when you need it

Answers don’t have to be hard to find. Our technology offers explanations to a complicated form questions and our customer support team is available.

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