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We provide online “do-it-yourself” software and lawyer review services to help you
properly complete the immigration application process.
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Answer simple questions to complete your application online!

Answer simple questions, one step at a time and our FileRight software will complete and properly format the required USCIS application documents for you. Once you’re done, print out your personalized filing instructions that tell you exactly how to properly file with the U.S. government (USCIS).

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Our immigration lawyers will review your U.S. Citizenship application with a thorough 7 point review!

You’ll feel like they’re right there with you helping you fill out your application!

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Prepare your application online!

You'll know exactly
how to properly file your application with the USICS

Everything from how to assemble your completed documents into a proper filing package to where you will need to mail or submit your application for filing.

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Mailing Instructions

We'll tell you which USCIS office to mail your completed application based on your location

Our customer support team is available 24/7 (English and Spanish). You call or email us anytime to answer your questions about FileRight.

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