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Using USCIS paper forms or download forms
Paper Stack
  • Read 30+ pages of forms and confusing instructions
  • No error checking, one mistake can lead to rejection
  • Risk losing government filing fees if filed incorrectly


Using FileRight easily complete your form
FileRight on iPad
  • Quick, simple process
  • Our software checks for errors
  • Customer Support
  • No confusing forms
  • Custom filing instructions
  • Money-back guarantee
Complete Your Immigration Applications with our Software
Easily complete complex immigration applications online with more clarity and detail than government documents provide.
FileRight's Application Center
FileRight is the easy way to complete your application
Complete your application online and file with confidence.
Simple & Fast

We ask simple questions in English or Spanish and you answer with a simple click.

No Costly Mistakes

Our software checks your forms for errors and makes sure you have not missed anything.

No Confusing Forms

Our online service completes your forms for you. No more confusing forms or instructions.

Print & File Right

We provide personalized filing instructions for your completed form. You simply print and file with confidence.


Step-by-step, customized filing instructions plus lawyer review

Know exactly how to create your filing package, what documents to include, and where to send it. Our service also includes immigration lawyer review on our most popular products.

Software built with Lawyers

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