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It is now H1B Lottery season. The H1B lottery is available till March 25. There are several advantages to this year’s H1B lottery compared to previous years.

  • The cost of applying is only $10.
  • It takes only a simple form to apply for the H1B lottery. In most cases no lawyer is necessary.
  • Given the two advantages above, many first-time H1B employers who have never applied for the H-1B lottery before are willing to apply for their potential employees. 
  • Bear in mind that more than one employer can apply for the same immigrant. This is not unlawful and will double your chances to get selected. However, the two jobs should be of a similar kind–widely different jobs unsupported by qualifications can lead to suspicion of fraud.
  • If you have a Master’s degree, you have a significant advantage–you get to participate in the lottery process twice–first for the Master’s quota and again for the Bachelor’s quota if you don’t win. Because the economy is temporarily depressed, the chances of selection for the lottery are higher than in previous years, since fewer employers are applying this year.
  • Economists are predicting a large boom later in the year– so you will be joining the labor force when the economy is booming in October when you can start work.

The combination of all the above factors makes the H1B lottery particularly attractive to immigrants this year.

The last date to apply for the H1B lottery is March 25, 2021. Check out USCIS for the H1B lottery process.

Bigger Picture: Congress has passed the COVID Relief Bill, which President Biden has signed. Congress will go on its Easter Recess soon. The House is about to vote on a number of immigration bills prior to the Easter recess, but key bills remain in the Senate and will be voted on after the Easter recess and into Spring. Stay tuned to FileRight to get your latest news on immigration.

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Sam Udani is the Publisher of Immigration Daily and ILW.COM

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