June is Immigrant Heritage Month. What’s Your Immigrant Story?

Mark your calendars: June is Immigrant Heritage Month. The celebration will show how the blend of different cultures has contributed to the creation of an unique American melting pot.

The campaign led by Welcome.us encourages both recent immigrants and native-born Americans to participate by sharing their immigrant stories and showing theirs unique contribution to the creation of the American identity.

Sharing your story is easy. Just upload a photo, briefly tell your immigrant story, tag with the hashtag #IHM2015 and post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or you can share your story directly to the Immigrant Heritage Month website.

“For new generations of Americans, it’s super important to embrace the fact that America is built on immigrants,” said actress Dania Ramirez, who had her own story as an immigrant featured by the campaign, as reported by MSNBC.

All stories will be published on the official campaign website as well as on its social media pages.

To get more involved with the celebrations around Immigrant Heritage Month, use the hashtags #ImmigrantHeritageMonth and #IHM2015.  Both have gone viral since the campaign kicked-off on June 1.

Several organizations associated with the immigrant rights movement have been promoting the Immigrant Heritage Month, including FileRight.com, FWD_us, United We Dream, National Council of la Raza, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), New Americans Campaign and Welcoming America.

Happy Immigrant Heritage Month!

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