New USCIS Ombudsman Admits Immigration Process is Confusing

WASHINGTON – The former executive director of the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Julie Kirchner has been appointed the USCIS’ new ombudsman. The position requires the appointee to oversee immigration cases that for one reason or another have fallen through the cracks. Kirchner’s goal will be to close out immigration cases that have been bogged down in the system.

Kirchner’s appointment doesn’t come without controversy. FAIR has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center stating on its website, “FAIR leaders have ties to white supremacist groups and eugenicists and have made many racist statements.” Statements FAIR leadership have denounced as false.

Kirchner left her position with FAIR after she was tapped by Present Donald Trump to serve as an immigration adviser for his campaign.

A few weeks after her appointment a statement emerged from the USCIS and Julie Kirchner. In it she talks about her dedication to the position.

“Congress has directed us to help applicants and their sponsors solve problems. There are millions of people from all over the world whose dream it is to come to the United States. Some seek a new job, some a new home, and others a haven from persecution,” Kirchner writes.

Kirchner went on to admit problems with the current immigration system.

“Fulfilling these dreams first requires navigating our legal immigration system, which can be a time-consuming and confusing process,” Kirchner said. CEO Cesare Alessandrini has spoken about the need for reform and has tried to partner with USCIS.

“Private companies are eager to collaborate, but the USCIS would rather be an ineffective lone wolf,” Alessandrini wrote in an article for Forbes.

In her statement Kirchner also spoke about a second mission, “Congress has directed our office to identify systemic problems in the administration of our legal immigration system and to propose recommendations where possible,” she wrote. “We want, and we believe all Americans want, our immigration system to work—efficiently and fairly.”

Tech companies like are ready to help create a more efficient immigration process. Kirchner wrote that she stands ready to listen.

“We will listen to stakeholders, look at the data, identify trends and distill all of this information into recommendations that benefit not just one person, but the entire immigration system and the American people it serves,” Kirchner wrote.

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