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Customer Story: Annunziata

Annunziata has been in the United States for a long time and is considering citizenship but for the time being she needed a quick way to get her green card renewal application into the USCIS. You can find out if you’re eligible to renew your green card by answering the FileRight eligibility quiz.

Customer Story: Monika

Love brought Monika to the United States from Switzerland. She is now on the verge of becoming an American citizen and actually filled out the citizenship application on her own before finding FileRight and deciding to make the switch. Listen to what made her change her mind. Let FileRight simplify your immigration process. Find …

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Customer Story: Gaetano

Here’s an example of how having an expired green card can cause delays for things you’d like to get done quickly. Gaetano was trying to collect his social security checks but got some bad news when he went to the office. FileRight can help you find out if you’re eligible for both Green Card …

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Customer Story: Norman

Norman didn’t even realize his green card had expired. He’s been living in the United States as a green card holder for decades. One thing is for sure, he wanted to get it renewed immediately. FileRight can make the green card renewal process that much easier. Take our free eligibility quiz.

Customer Story: Ivonne

Ivonne ran into an issue that happens to green card holders now and again. Her green card and driver’s license were expiring at the same time. Check out how she trusted FileRight to guide her through the green card renewal process. Find out if you’re eligible to renew your green card with our free …

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Customer Story: Magalie

Magalie grew up in Haiti and had dreams of coming to the United States. She made her dreams a reality and is now looking forward to becoming an American citizen using FileRight’s guidance.  Find out if you’re eligible for citizenship and start your application today.

Customer Stories: Elaine R

Elaine didn’t want to hire an attorney to complete her naturalization paperwork because she thought she could do it on her own. She didn’t feel comfortable enough to fill out Form N-400 without some guidance so she used FileRight to get it done. Find out if you’re eligible for citizenship. Start your citizenship application …

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Customer Story: Dino

Dino typically does his immigration paperwork on his own but he wanted to make sure his citizenship application was done right. Check out his story below. With FileRight you can find out if you’re eligible for citizenship in seconds by taking our FREE eligibility quiz. You can start your application right away.

Customer Story: Conor

Conor’s parents brought him to the United States before he could walk or talk. He grew up undocumented but saw an opportunity with former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. FileRight helped him get that application in. FileRight guides you through the >DACA application. Find out if you qualify through our …

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