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Customer Story: Resselie

When it came to deciding whether to renew her green card or apply for citizenship Resselie decided on citizenship because she wanted to have a relative join her in the United States. She came to the United States from the Philippines 10 years ago. Finding out if you’re eligible for citizenship is easy with …

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Customer Story: William

William fled his native Vietnam to escape persecution after the Vietnam War. He tells a harrowing tale  of surviving on a small boat an eventually resettling in the United States as a refugee. William is using FileRight to file Form I-130 Petition for an Alien Relative to secure green cards for his family. Check …

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Customer Story: Duan C

Duan’s children served as her motivation to fill out her citizenship application. Listen to her story. Our customers consistently say that FileRight gives them confidence their applications were filed right. Find out if you’re eligible for citizenship with our FREE quiz. Get your application started today.

Customer Story: Maria P

Like so many other immigrants, Maria was intimidated by the stacks of paperwork. She found confidence with Listen to her story. Maria used FileRight to apply for citizenship. Find out if you qualify by taking our FREE eligibility quiz.

Customer Story: Rosa M

Rosa Maravilla was a long time green card holder but became nervous after Donald Trump was elected president. She chose to guide her through the naturalization process.

Customer Story: Lesenia

Lesenia Monge’s brother recommended to help complete their mother’s green card renewal application. If you’re ready to renew your green card, click here.

Customer Story: Jorge M

Jorge Martinez knew he could fill out his green card renewal on his own but felt more comfortable using If you’re ready to renew your green card, start here.