USCIS Retira Miles de Tarjetas Verdes

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service has just announced a withdrawal of thousands of green cards due to a production error.

More than 8,500 cards are affected by this recall. The USCIS says the error harms those who have already been approved using Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions or Petition to Cancel Conditions for spouses of United States citizens.

FileRight has created a green card verification tool so that you can know if it is among those affected.

What if my green card was withdrawn?

USCIS says it will send notices to you and your attorney, if you have one, notifying them that your green card has the error.

An envelope will be sent to return the green card. Immigrants must return the incorrect card within 20 days of receiving notification of the error.

The USCIS is also accepting the wrong cards at any local USCIS office.

The USCIS will send you a corrected green replacement card, free of charge, within 15 days after receiving the wrong card.

How does this withdrawal impact my status in the country?

The government says that this withdrawal of cards will not affect your situation in the country. However, it does affect your ability to check your immigration status.

That means that problems can arise if you are scheduled to travel outside of the United States or need to prove your legal permanent residence. If you have to verify your residence and have a card with the error, the USCIS is asking you to call the USCIS National Contact Center at 800-375-5283.

Citizenship as a solution

The immigrants affected by this withdrawal are all spouses of US citizens. These immigrants can apply for naturalization after three years with permanent residence without conditions.

US citizenship is one of the best ways to avoid green card problems in the future. The USCIS says the wrong cards could cause applicants to wait longer before applying for naturalization.

FileRight simplifies immigration paperwork so you have confidence that your form is filled out correctly. FileRight has a free eligibility test where you can verify if you meet the requirements to complete your application with FileRight.

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