Relax knowing an immigration lawyer has reviewed your application

Complete your application using and based on answers and information you provide, an immigration lawyer will provide a seven point review your application for:

  • Eligibility to file for immigration benefit sought
  • Omissions of key information
  • Typographical errors that may delay processing
  • Consistent spellings of names and places throughout
  • Inconsistent, illogical or conflicting dates
  • Entries that conflict with each other
  • Illogical entries

Currently available for:

Renew Green CardU.S. Citizenship
Lawyer Review Form


Questions for the lawyer? No problem.

When you purchase a Green Card Renewal Filing Package from, an immigration lawyer will review your application upon your completion. At that time, you will have the option to schedule a phone consultation with the lawyer performing your review and ask questions or discuss concerns about the green card renewal/ replacement application.

Renewing Green Card

Need to renew your Green Card? You can complete your application with FileRight and an immigration lawyer will review it before you file.

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U.S. Citizenship

File for U.S. Citizenship with confidence. Complete your application using FileRight and an immigration lawyer will review it for you, before you file.

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More Coming Soon...

We will offer our lawyer review option on many other filing packages in the near future. Check back soon for more information.

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