What Is the Difference Between Form N-565 and N-600?

Your citizenship documents are vital whether you were born to U.S. citizens or obtained your legal status through adoption or naturalization. The correct certificate can unlock the benefits and privileges of U.S. citizenship, including the freedom to travel in and out of the country and obtain employment.

To acquire the correct citizenship document for your situation, you first need to know which application to file with the USCIS, an agency under the Department of Homeland Security. Below, Fileright.com offers a brief description of the different purposes and fees associated with Forms N-565 and N-600.

clipboard holding form n-565
A clipboard holding Form N-565. This application can help you replace essential citizenship documents, while Form N-600 is used to apply for your initial Certificate of Citizenship.

Purpose of Form N-565 and Form N-600

The main distinction between Form N-565 and Form N-600 has to do with whether the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued you the certificate in question before. 

You should file Form N-600 to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship for the first time, while you can use Form N-565 to acquire various replacement documents.

Replace U.S. Citizenship Documents with Form N-565

Form N-565, Application for Replacement, can be used to apply for a new copy of the following U.S. government-issued documents:

  • Certificate of Citizenship: For an individual born abroad who acquired citizenship through a U.S. parent
  • Certificate of Naturalization: Proof that a person obtained U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process
  • Certificate of Repatriation: For people who have lost and then regained their U.S. citizenship status 
  • Declaration of Intention: A document stating that the holder plans to apply for citizenship
  • Special Certificate of Naturalization: Sometimes required by foreign countries to recognize a naturalized individual as a U.S. citizen

You can use N-565 to replace any of the above-listed documents if the original:

  • Has a typographical or other clerical error
  • Needs to be updated with new information such as a new name, gender, or birth date
  • Was lost, stolen, destroyed, or mutilated

Note that Form N-565 is not used to make changes in the document such as a misspelled name or wrong date of birth on an original certificate of citizenship. Form N-600 is used to apply for an original certificate of citizenship. 

Apply for an Original Certificate of Citizenship with Form N-600

Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship, is used to apply for an original Certificate of Citizenship. This document is the only one you can obtain with Form N-600 since the other citizenship papers replaced using Form N-565 and listed above require different forms for their initial issuance.

You are eligible to apply for citizenship using USCIS Form N-600 if you were never issued a U.S. Certificate of Citizenship in the past, and one of the following is true:

  • You were born outside the United States to a U.S. citizen parent
  • You automatically became a citizen of the United States after birth, but before you turned 18 (generally, this occurs through adoption)

N-565 and N-600 Forms Have Different Fees

In addition to differing purposes, there are also different USCIS filing fees associated with each application. These fees are used to cover the U.S. government’s administrative and processing costs.

  • Form N-565 has a filing fee of $555. However, the USCIS waives this fee if you are seeking updated documents because of a clerical error.
  • The Form N-600 filing fee is $1,170, which is the same regardless of whether you are applying for your certificate as a biological child or as an adopted child of a U.S. citizen.

Veterans or members of the U.S. Armed Forces don’t have to pay a filing fee for either Form N-565 or N-600, but proof of service is required to waive the fee. This proof could take the form of a military ID or transcript, discharge papers, or a certificate of service.

FileRight.com Makes It Easy to File Your USCIS Forms

USCIS forms N-565 and N-600 are two applications that are both used to acquire citizenship documents. However, knowing which to use in your situation and understanding the distinctions between the two can make all the difference in getting your application approved the first time. 

FileRight offers filing packages to help you: 

  • File for your first Certificate of Citizenship using Form N-600
  • Replace a lost, stolen, or mutilated certificate with Form N-565

We begin by determining your eligibility, and then our automated software and responsive customer service representatives will walk you through the process. With our money-back promise, your success is guaranteed. So, get started on your path to U.S. citizenship today!

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