Common Immigration Mistake: Getting Scammed

Getting Scammed

Hello, my name is Hana Boston and I’m an immigration attorney at

Today I’m going to talk about one common mistake many people make when preparing their immigration application — scams.

Unfortunately, immigration scams are a real and prevalent problem. Immigration scams cost people hundreds or even thousands of dollars and can sometimes have huge consequences like deportation.

People get tricked every day from notarios and others that say they can help, but actually aren’t qualified to do so. It’s extremely important to understand the different types of immigration help available and what exactly they are qualified to do.

A notario is not an attorney. In the United States, a notario or “notary public” is only qualified as a “document preparer.” They do NOT have the authority to advise you on what forms to file. They cannot tell you how to answer questions. And they cannot offer advice on more complicated aspects of immigration — like how to get a friend or relative legal status.

Many notarios try to convince people that they have the same power as attorneys. They might lie about their knowledge and ability and charge you similar fees as attorneys — but they cannot offer the same quality of help.

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