How Long Does It Take to Process Form N-600?

You’ve learned you’re an American citizen based on your mother or father’s citizenship, and now you’re likely anxious to get your certificate as soon as possible. Though, unfortunately, your Form N-600 won’t be processed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) overnight.

It takes time for your Application for Certificate of Citizenship and proof of credentials to work their way through the USCIS’s processing system. It can take months for agents to review your petition, possibly ask you for extra documentation and follow-up materials, and render a decision. 

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You can check with the USCIS to find out the status of your Form N-600.

How Long It Takes to Process Your Certificate of Citizenship

The length of time the USCIS takes to process your Certificate of Citizenship is based on your local service center or field office and the number of applications they have to process. Additionally, they approve or deny case applications in the order that they were received. 

To receive an accurate estimate of how long your local USCIS service center or field office takes to decide on your N-600 form, visit their Processing Times page. Once on the page, choose “N-600, Application for Citizenship” from the list of forms in the drop-down menu. 

In the next box, click on the Field Office or Service Center drop-down and choose your city and state and then click “get processing time.” Underneath those drop-downs, you will see a box that gives an estimated time period as a range. For example, Baltimore, MD’s processing time for a Certificate of Citizenship ranges from 7.5 to 13.5 months, whereas Orlando, FL’s processing time is about 7.5 to 16 months. Most current wait times max out at 16 months.

How the USCIS Calculates Application Processing Times

Case processing times are updated by the USCIS monthly. Their time range begins on the date they receive your case file.  

To calculate their wait times for the N-600 process, they use about two months of historical data from completed cases. Also included on their processing time page is a “receipt date for case inquiry.” This is the date when you can begin inquiring about your application.

How to Check the Status of Your Case

If you are offered a notice of receipt that includes a tracking number, go to the “Case Status” page on the USCIS website. On this page, you will enter your receipt tracking number and press “Check Status.” USCIS will inform you of the step your application has reached. 

In the past, if you believed your application should have finished processing but you hadn’t heard from USCIS, you could use the self-scheduling INFOPASS appointment system. That system was phased out in 2019 and is no longer used by the USCIS. 

Today, if you haven’t received a receipt notice or and an unusual number of months have passed since you submitted your Form N-600, you can call the USCIS Contact Center. You can ask over the phone about your application and possibly schedule a face-to-face meeting at a USCIS field office. 

You can also request an in-person meeting by filling out an application on their website. A USCIS agent will look over your request and call you to set up an appointment if needed. 

How FileRight Helps You Apply for a Certificate of Citizenship

FileRight will provide helpful explanations to each N-600 application question and will be there to help guide you through the process of obtaining your citizenship evidence

You can also access our knowledgeable customer support staff to answer any questions you may have regarding FileRight. Our team speaks English and Spanish for your convenience.

Our technology analyzes your application for mistakes and offers filing instructions tailored to your situation. Then, our immigration attorney review service will ensure that your packet is ready to submit. We leave nothing to chance; you’ll know exactly what forms to include in your envelope and where to send them. 

File Form N-600 with FileRight — You Have Nothing to Lose!

We back up our services with a money-back guarantee. If your application for proof of citizenship is denied, we’ll return your costs along with government filing fees. It’s important to note that you run the risk of losing your money by applying directly through the government. The USCIS won’t issue a refund even if your application is denied! 

With FileRight, you have nothing to lose. Get started by taking our Citizenship Qualification Quiz today!

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