How Long Does N-565 Take to Process?

It can be nerve-racking when you discover that your vital immigration papers are missing, destroyed, or need to be updated after you change your name. To account for wait times when replacing your original document, you’re going to need to file Form N-565 as soon as possible.

Form N-565 processing times fluctuate depending on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) caseload and whether you submitted an accurate and complete application. 

That said, applicants can expect to wait for 8 to 10.5 months for Form N-565 processing from the date USCIS receives the form. This wait time estimate is subject to change and is updated monthly.

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The more accurate and complete your N-565 application is, the faster it will be processed.

The Typical N-565 Application Process Time Frame

The USCIS Naturalization Form N-565 allows you to obtain replacement of citizenship certificates including:

To help you get the ball rolling so you can receive these crucial documents as quickly as possible, here are the requirements:

Supporting Documents

You’ll be required to submit specific forms of supporting evidence along with your application, including:

  • Two color photographs of yourself, showing your current appearance and taken within 30 days of filing your Form N-565. 
  • If you are replacing a damaged document, be sure to attach the old record to your Form N-565.
  • If your application is submitted in a foreign language, you’ll be required to include a certified translation into English.

Notification of Action

Within 30 days after the USCIS receives your Form N-565, they will mail you a Notice of Action, or Form I-797C, stating that they have received and are processing your application. 

This notice will include your receipt number. Your receipt number is required to verify your case status online. 

At this point, the USCIS may also issue one of the following:

  • Denial — The first notice you receive could be an application rejection which, unfortunately, is not uncommon–especially when forms are incomplete, improperly filed, or are not submitted with the appropriate fees. Be sure to fill out your application carefully – a denial will delay your application because you will need to file a new N-565 and start the process over from the beginning.
  • Request for Evidence — If you didn’t include your supporting evidential documentation, you could receive a request for these additional items to include with your application. The quicker you can respond with these requested documents, the faster your application will be processed.

In-Person Interview 

You may receive a notice to appear at a USCIS office for an interview. At this meeting, you may be requested to:  

  • Answer additional questions.
  • Submit further documentation.
  • Undergo a biometrics evaluation, such as fingerprinting, to prove your identity.
  • Sign an oath that all of the information you provided is true.

A Decision of Approval or Denial

If the USCIS determines that you are eligible for a replacement certificate, your Form N-565 will be approved, and your new certificate will be mailed to you. Double-check your mailing address to ensure it’s accurate to avoid further processing delays and to make sure you receive the required documents as quickly as possible.

If you receive a denial, the USCIS will send you a notice, along with an explanation of why it was rejected.

How FileRight Can Help You

Completing your forms properly and attaching the correct documentation can be challenging. You may even be confused about where to send your N-565 form for processing. Let FileRight’s automated software and bilingual customer support remove your uncertainty from the application process.

Our streamlined system and helpful explanations ensure you always know the correct documents to send and the exact location to send them. We are so confident in our process that we’ll issue a full refund of your fees if the USCIS rejects your application.

Contact FileRight Today and Take the First Step

Even if your Form N-565 is submitted perfectly and doesn’t need additional documentation, processing can take up to 10 and a half months – so don’t delay! 

Our immigration lawyer review services and online “do-it-yourself” software will help you file your government application correctly and avoid common mistakes. Take the first step by taking the FileRight qualification quiz today!

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