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It is natural to be skeptical about a company and a product that seems too good to be true. Whether you are concerned about being scammed or having your sensitive data stolen, you are right to ask questions about anyone you plan to do business with—especially when something as precious as your immigration status is on the line.

However, you can rest assured that is a completely legitimate business that is here to help you tackle your immigration paperwork. In fact, we have been safely and successfully guiding people through the complicated immigration process for years. 

A filing package and online application beside a U.S. green card. is a legitimate, reputable immigration filing software company that has years of experience helping immigrants like you.

What Is

This is one of those important questions we love to answer. Rest assured is legit and has been guiding people through complicated immigration paperwork for years. is an online software company dedicated to setting immigrants on the path of success by focusing on one thing: getting immigration paperwork filed right.’s software is available in English and Spanish and guides applicants through the process step-by-step and checks for errors or problematic entries along the way.

At, we want to help you avoid the mistakes that could cost you money, time, and even threaten your immigration status. Our blog is full of resources, including a series of the top mistakes made during the process. also helps you avoid scammers by alerting you to the latest tricks and tactics used by thieves. The consequences for getting caught up in fraudulent activity can be severe, including possible deportation, so we strongly encourage you to protect yourself against immigration scams. Eligibility Quiz

Before beginning the application process, all our customers must take an eligibility quiz. This online questionnaire will ask you questions that relate to the application you plan to file. The eligibility quizzes are absolutely free and take only a few seconds to complete.

Through these quizzes, we ensure you’re qualified to apply for your green cardU.S. citizenship, or any other benefit offered. This helps you avoid headaches and lets you proceed with your immigration application with confidence.

The Application Process

Once you pass your quiz and start to prepare your paperwork, our application software simplifies the process by only showing you the questions you need to answer. You won’t see questions that do not apply to you, making the application process a breeze.’s software is available in English and Spanish and will guide you through the process step-by-step. It is also a useful tool that checks for errors or problematic entries along the way.

Our most popular applications also include an immigration lawyer review of your application before you send it to the federal government. During this review, the attorney will check your eligibility and look for typos, omissions, and other errors that could hurt your application.

application center screen on tablet with padlock
The Application Center screen on a tablet with a padlock. is safe and protects your personal data through an SSL certificate.

Is My Personal Data Safe with

Not only is a legitimate and reputable immigration software company — you can rest assured your personal information is safe when it’s stored in our system. This is because we secure your data using SSL certificate encryption.

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a technological tool for encoding sensitive information to protect it from hackers. If a third party was able to access your data, it would appear to them in an unusable and unreadable format.

You can use our software with the assurance that your private information will remain private, and it will only be used to facilitate your immigration filing.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for it. The best way to feel confident that we’re a legit and reliable business is to read the reviews of our satisfied clients. 

For example, customers typically state our software gives them the peace of mind and confidence they need to file their immigration applications. Watch our customer stories to learn what Caitlin and the other folks thought about

Discover What Can Do for You

With, there is no risk to you because we guarantee success. If your application is denied we will refund all fees paid, including your government filing fees.

We invite you to get started on your immigration journey with’s immigration solutions today. Simply find the application you wish to file, click on “start now,” and take your free, no-obligation quiz.

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