Is FileRight Safe?

We see this question come up a lot on social media. You’re right to ask questions about what you see online but we’re here to tell you that is absolutely a safe and easy way to tackle your immigration paperwork. is an online software company dedicated to setting immigrants on the path of success by focusing on one thing: getting immigration paperwork filed right.’s software is available in English and Spanish and guides applicants through the process step-by-step and checks for errors or problematic entries along the way.

The most popular applications also include an immigration lawyer consultation and review of your application prior to filing.

At we want to help you avoid the mistakes that could cost you money if not more. Our blog is full of resources that include a series of the top mistakes made during the process. also helps you avoid being scammed by making you aware of the latest tricks and tactics thieves are using.

Customers who use say the software gives them the peace of mind and confidence they need in order to file their immigration applications.

Click below to watch what Caitlin thought about also wants to make sure you are eligible for the immigration benefit before you even start the process. Our eligibility quizzes make sure you can apply for your green card, citizenship or any other benefit offered. The eligibility quizzes are absolutely free and completing them takes a few seconds.

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