How much does it cost to become a US citizen in 2018? (Is It Worth It?)

Immigration application fees increased dramatically—some by over 60 percent—in December 2016. The fee for US Citizenship went up to $725.  

That’s just one more reason to apply for citizenship now. Historically immigration fees are always on the rise. But once you’re a citizen, none of that matters because you’ll never pay an immigration fee again.

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The current application fee for naturalization (US citizenship) is $640 plus the $85 biometrics fee, totaling $725. While it is one of the most expensive immigration fees, in the long term, investing in citizenship will save you $1,000’s.

There are only two options if you want to live and work in the US permanently: citizenship and permanent residency. Permanent residents have to pay $455 every ten years to renew their green cards. Over the course of a lifetime, that’s nearly $3,000 and potentially much more as immigration rates will likely keep increasing.

Save Money

Saving money isn’t the only reason to naturalize. Citizenship has plenty of worthwhile benefits, not the least being protection from deportation for you and your family. With deportation policies broadening under the Trump administration, that’s no small thing.

Avoid Deportation

The US government can and does deport permanent residents. Even what some would consider minor crimes, such as marijuana possession, could result in a seat at immigration court. The same goes for minors.  

Protection & Opportunities for Your Children

The good news: if you naturalize, your minor children automatically become citizens too. That not only gives you and them full protection under the law, but also saves them $100’s in immigration fees.

Citizenship gives you more opportunity for quality education, giving you access to much more affordable tuition rates in higher education. More education leads to more job opportunity. That means more money. Did you know citizens earn more on average than permanent residents?

Want to learn more about the benefits of US citizenship? Read on.
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