Obtaining a Travel Document or K-1 visa

If you are not yet a permanent resident and need to pass through American borders, or you wish to bring a spouse-to-be into the country, then you have some paperwork ahead of you. Anytime you must deal with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, it’s likely be a long and complicated process. There are numerous confusing forms, and the department has a long backlog of requests. When you have a pressing need to travel or to be reunited with a loved one, you’ll want to be supported by immigration expertise. FileRight.com can simplify the process of filing for either an advance parole document or a K-1 visa.

Applying for a travel document
Advance parole is necessary when a U.S. resident must leave temporarily and then come back without a visa. This situation may occur if you are still waiting to receive your green card, a process that takes about six months after submitting an application. You may also receive an advance parole document if you have been approved for deferred action for childhood arrivals.

To receive advance parole, you must file Form I-131, an application for a travel document. In return, you may receive permission to re-enter the country in Form I-512. However, this authorization is generally only granted for a few specific purposes, not for a vacation. You may obtain a travel document for humanitarian reasons, such as receiving medical treatment, attending a funeral or managing a family emergency. The forms are also issued for business purposes or educational pursuits, like conducting academic research or taking courses abroad.
When you have an urgent need to travel, don’t let red tape slow you down. FileRight will help you complete and submit your application quickly and easily by asking one simple question at a time. The online software will double-check your responses to ensure you correct any errors before filing. If you have any questions along the way, technical support is standing by 24 hours a day. And if you have not yet begun the process of applying for your green card and establishing permanent residency in the U.S., FileRight can get you started on that as well.

Obtaining a K-1 visa
A K-1 visa allows your spouse-to-be to enter the country. First, you will need to file Form I-129F, the petition for alien fiance(e). Any children who will be immigrating must also be included on this document. They may then receive K-2 fiance dependent visas, If the petition is accepted, your future husband or wife can come to the U.S. under the condition that you wed within 90 days. People who travel under a K-1 visa can then receive a conditional green card that is valid for two years by filing Form I-485.

FileRight will ensure you have all the paperwork you need to bring your family together. The filing packages always include up-to-date versions of the necessary forms. When you have completed all necessary items, you will print out properly formatted USCIS documents. The program provides detailed instructions for filing with the government, and every form comes with a barcode to speed the process along.

FileRight will have you covered throughout each phase of establishing residency for your family. You’ll be able to obtain filing packages for the K-1 visa, applying for a conditional green card and even having the conditions removed to make your spouse a permanent resident. If you’re not satisfied with any purchase, you will receive your money back. Plus, should your application be rejected, FileRight will refund any government fees as well.

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