Questions on the Citizenship Test

In order to become a U.S. citizen, you must take the U.S. citizenship test. The test is 2-part: English and U.S. civics. The test is one of the final parts of the naturalization process and takes place during your citizenship interview.

Getting ready for your citizenship test? This article will help you prepare by telling you what questions to study for.

What questions on the English portion of the Citizenship Test?

There are three sections to the English test: speaking, reading, and writing.

English Speaking Test

The speaking portion of the test takes place throughout the interview. As the USCIS officer asks you questions, they will be testing your ability to understand and speak basic English. If you do not understand something, you should ask the officer to repeat the question or explain the question using other words.

A large part of the interview involves reviewing your citizenship application, Form N-400. You’ll be asked questions about the information you provided on the application and supporting documents.

Some of the questions the officer may ask may cover:

  • Trips outside of the United States
  • Past Marriages
  • Memberships in any organizations
  • Problems with the law, criminal charges, and any jail time
  • Military service in the United States
  • Support of the U.S. Constitution and government

English Reading Test

For the reading portion, you are required to read one sentence in English. You will have three opportunities. Once you read one of the three sentences correctly, you pass the test. It’s OK if you make minor mistakes. Generally, you will pass if you:

  • Read one sentence without extended pauses
  • Read all content words but omit short words as long as they do not interfere with the meaning of the sentence

You may make pronunciation or intonation errors as long as they do not interfere with the meaning of the sentence.

English Writing Test

The writing test requires you to write one dictated sentence. You will have three opportunities. The USCIS officer will speak the sentence aloud and you will write it down. You will not fail because of spelling, capitalization or punctuation errors unless the errors prevent understanding the meaning of the sentence. Generally, you will pass if:

  • The written sentence has the same general meaning as the dictated sentence.
  • The written sentence may have some short words missing as long as it does not interfere with the meaning of the sentence.
  • Numbers may be spelled out or written as digits.

What questions are on the Civics portion of the Citizenship Test?

The civics test is a 10-question test. In order to pass, you must get 6 questions correct. The 10 questions are chosen from a list of 100. Click on the link below to download all 100 civics questions.

Download the Civics Questions

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