Common Immigration Mistakes: Sending Untranslated Documents

Sending Untranslated Documents

Hello, my name is Hana Boston and I’m an immigration attorney at

Today I’m going to talk about one common mistake many people make when preparing their immigration application — sending documents that aren’t translated.

The USCIS requires that all supporting evidence be in English. If you are required to submit official documents that are not in English — like a foreign birth certificate — you must include the translation.

Translations need to be certified. Now this does not mean you have to go a notary public or hire a professional translator. You can have a friend or someone you know do the translation for you.

“Certified” simply means the translator promises that their translation is complete and correct and that he or she is able to translate that language into English. The certification must be made in writing and signed.

The certification must also include the date, signature, and address of the translator. It could look something like this.

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