U.S. Citizenship Benefits

The U.S. citizenship benefits that come with naturalization are far greater than the benefits offered to green card holders. The U.S. Constitution gives many rights to green card holders, but some of the best benefits are solely for U.S. citizens.


Voting is one of the most important benefits of U.S. citizenship.

When it comes to U.S. citizenship, the right to vote is one of the most important benefits offered. Only U.S. citizens have the right to shape the country by voting in federal, state, and local elections.

Bringing family members to the United States

U.S. citizens can sponsor relatives to come join them in the United States.

The right of U.S. citizens to petition relatives for green cards is another important benefit of citizenship. Green card holders can also petition relatives, but not nearly as many and the process takes much more time compared to a petition by a U.S. citizen.

Obtaining citizenship for children born abroad

As a U.S. citizen, if you have a child born abroad, that child may inherit your U.S. citizenship status.

Travel Benefits

U.S. citizens have a lot of benefits when it comes to travel.

After obtaining U.S. citizenship you will be able to apply for a U.S. passport. A U.S. passport gives you one of the best travel benefits by allowing you to move freely throughout most of the world without a visa. Your U.S. passport also allows you to get assistance from the U.S. government outside of the country.

Working for the government

Only U.S. citizens can apply for most jobs within the federal government.

Becoming an elected official

If you really want to make a difference in your community, you can run for elected office as a U.S. citizen. Elected officials are the ones who create laws and regulations at the local, state, and federal level.

Showing your patriotism

Showing your patriotism is part of being a U.S. citizen.

Being a U.S. citizen also allows you to demonstrate your loyalty to the country you now call home.

Financial benefits

There are financial benefits to U.S. citizenship.

As a naturalized U.S. citizen you are no longer required to renew your green card. That means no more paying hundreds of dollars every ten years. In the long run, applying for U.S. citizenship early is less expensive than paying for a green card renewal over and over.

Tax benefits of U.S. citizenship

U.S. citizens and green card holders may not always be treated the same when it comes to taxes.

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