USCIS Issuing Redesigned Green Cards and Employment Authorization Documents

WASHINGTON – On May 1, 2017, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services began issuing newly designed green cards and employment authorization documents (EAD).

USCIS said the new cards are part of the Next Generation Secure Identification Document Project. The goal of the project is to enhance the security of these documents. The cards include more fraud-resistant security features and are more tamper-resistant than the ones currently in use.


The new green cards and EADs:

  • Have the individuals photo on both sides.
  • Green cards show a picture of the Statue of Liberty and are mainly green.
  • EAD cards have a picture of a bald eagle and are mainly red.
  • Both no longer show the individual’s signature.
  • Green cards no longer have an optical stripe on the back.
New Permanent Resident & Employment Authorization card


Some green cards and EADs issued after May 1, 2017, will still have the old design. USCIS officials said that’s because the department will continue to use the old card stock until it runs out. Both types of cards will remain valid through the expiration date shown on the cards.

Some older green cards do not have expiration dates. Those cards remain valid but the USCIS urges individuals with those cards to consider applying for a replacement card to reduce the likelihood of fraud or tampering if the card is lost or stolen.

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