What crimes should you report to the USCIS on Form N-400?

When applying for citizenship using Form N-400 Application for Naturalization it is important to always be honest with the USCIS.

Trying to keep any information away from the immigration officers could lead to a denial of your application, according to the agency.

But do you have to report every single crime? What about traffic tickets?

Here’s some information that can help.

Incidents you must report

Arrests: According to the USCIS you should report any arrests. This includes any incidents where you were NOT charged with a crime or NOT convicted of a crime.

Convictions: If you were convicted of a crime you need to report what happened to the USCIS. Even if your record has been cleared or expunged.

Crimes not reported: According to the USCIS, you should also report a crime you committed even if you were not arrested or convicted of any wrongdoing.

Evidence: You should also submit any evidence that is in your favor concerning an arrest, conviction or offenses. This evidence will be considered by the immigration officer before making a decision on your case.

Even if the crime is a minor offense you are required to tell the USCIS about it.

Incidents you do not need to report

You’ll be required to report most crimes to the USCIS unless you were involved in a specific type of traffic violation. The USCIS states you do not need to report a traffic violation if it does not involve an arrest and the only consequence was a fine under $500 and/or points on your driver’s license.

Traffic violations that are alcohol or drug related will have to be reported to the USCIS.

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