To renew your green card, you need 2 things: the USCIS I-90 application and supporting evidence.

Step 1: Preparing the USCIS I-90 Green Card Renewal Application

The application to renew or replace a U.S. green card is the I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. While the application is short, it can be complicated.

Before you start the application, you need to make sure you qualify. Do NOT submit this application if you are a conditional resident seeking to remove conditions on your green card. If you have a marriage-based conditional green card, you need to submit the USCIS application I-751.

You will need to select the correct reason for filing, of which there are 17. Some reasons are very similar and you will need to read through entire I-90 instructions to ensure you select the appropriate one. The reason you select determines which application questions to answer and what supporting evidence to provide.

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The application questions are mostly regarding biographic information, for example, your name, address, and information regarding your original immigration to the United States.

Step 2: Preparing Supporting Evidence for Form I-90, Green Card Renewal Application

The I-90 application requires that you provide supporting documents to prove you qualify. The documents you provide depend on your reason for filing.

To renew your green card, provide a copy of your current permanent resident card.

To replace your green card because it was lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated, provide a copy of your current green card, passport, driver’s license, military ID or other government-issued ID.

To correct a USCIS error on your green card, provide your original green card and a copy of your marriage or birth certificate.

To get a green card that shows your new legal name, provide a copy of your marriage certificate, birth certificate or the court order that shows you’ve changed your name.

Filing for another reason? Check the USCIS instructions to see what documents to provide or complete your application using You’ll receive customized filing instructions that tell you exactly what to include in your I-90 filing package. Get started.