What Is Form G-1450?

Recently the United States government has started allowing green card holders to pay the fees for their citizenship application using a credit card. This provides people with a great opportunity. Citizenship forms are expensive and previously there weren’t a lot of ways to finance the form fees.

Now You Can Pay the Citizenship Application Fee with A Credit Card!

Now, with a credit card payment option, you can essentially finance your naturalization process! If you want to use a credit card to pay for your N-400, Application for Naturalization, you’ll have to include a properly filled-out copy of Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions.

Paying USCIS Fees the Old Way

Prior to Form G-1450, immigrants had to pay for USCIS fees using a money order. Money orders are great for tracking but they are expensive to purchase for large sums. Credit cards are much easier to use and less expensive.

It also was a roadblock for processing applications. Money orders have to be taken to a financial institution and turned into cash. A credit card transaction is instant. For a form that takes as long to process as the N-400, every bit of time saving helps!

A selection of credit cards. With Form G-1450, you can pay for your citizenship application with a credit card instead of a money order.

Now You Can Pay the Citizenship Application Fee With a Credit Card

Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions, is required so that both the USCIS and your financial institution will accept the charge. It’s a simple form, but absolutely necessary to take advantage of this great opportunity.

To use the form, simply fill it out and include it with your N-400 application before mailing it. FileRight can help you fill out this form and add it to your application package. Once they receive it, they’ll use the information on Form G-1450 to process the fee, then destroy the information.

Make Sure You Have Enough!

USCIS will take all major credit cards, but it’s important to have enough to pay the entire fee. If your card is declined your petition will be rejected! Because it may take some time for the USCIS to reach your application, do not let your balance dip below the $640 application fee!

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