What Does “Case Is Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview” Mean?

When you submit your documents to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), it can feel like a huge relief to have completed another stage in the immigration process. However, you are still likely going to be anxious to take the next steps and finish everything up.

Upon seeing the message, “Case Is Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview,” you might get excited that the end is finally near. It is important to not get ahead of yourself, though. This message simply means that your application has been reviewed by a USCIS officer and that no initial problems were found. It could still be months until you receive an interview date.

calendar with pin in date
A calendar with a pin on a date. Discover the meaning of the message, “Case Is Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview” following your green card application.

“Case Is Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview” Is a Good First Step

While receiving this message may not mean that you are close to the end of your immigration journey, it does mean that a critical hurdle has been overcome. The paperwork for your visa or U.S. citizenship application is complete, and you can rest a little easier while you wait. 

You will not receive any further requests for evidence, and your biometrics have been processed, and eligibility confirmed.

Wait Times Can Be Lengthy

The length of time you’ll have to wait for your interview to be scheduled after receiving this message will depend on several factors. You are now in line for an interview, but there are likely many others ahead of you.

Some of the things that can affect how long it will take for an interview to be scheduled include the type of application you submitted and the caseload of your local field office.

If you want to get an idea of how long you will likely have to wait, you can check the wait times of your local field office. You can find out what dates they are currently processing and compare that to the priority date of your application. 

By checking your immigration application’s status regularly, you can get an idea of how fast the line moves and when your application is likely to be scheduled for an interview.

Wait times for an interview can vary wildly. They generally range from one month to 24 months. However, it is possible it can take even longer than that. Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the field office. There is no way to speed up the processing time.

“Interview Scheduled”

When your interview has finally been scheduled, your online case status will change to “Interview Scheduled.” You will receive an official notice containing your interview date through the mail about two weeks after your status changes online, and your interview will likely be about a month from the date you receive notice.

This month gives you time to make sure you are well prepared for your interview and the end of your immigration journey.

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