Who Needs to Use Form N-565?

Form N-565 is the application to use if you need a citizenship certificate replacement copy of one of your immigration documents. This form is used mainly by people who are already U.S.  citizens and have previously received their certificates. 

You will be required to file Form N-565 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) if your certificate is lost, stolen, or destroyed beyond repair. It is also the method for requesting an updated certificate if you change your name or make a correction to your birth date or other vital information.

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What Is Form N-565 Used For?

If you’ve lost any of your citizenship or naturalization certificates, N-565 is a helpful form to use. With it, you can obtain replacement documents including:

  • Certificate of Citizenship — This document declares that you are a U.S. citizen, either because you were born in the U.S. or have a parent who is a citizen. To obtain an original Certificate of Citizenship (not a replacement), use Form N-600 instead.
  • Certificate of Naturalization — Green Card holders who become citizens through the naturalization process will have this document to verify their citizenship. Use Form N-565 to acquire a naturalization certificate replacement, or Form N-400 if you have not previously applied for naturalization.
  • Declaration of Intent — A Declaration of Intent is a document that states you are a permanent U.S. resident and you plan to become a citizen. Some states require this certificate if you plan to conduct business while going through the naturalization process. Use N-300 to get your original Declaration of Intent if you haven’t previously applied for one.
  • Repatriation Certificate — You may have been issued a Repatriation Certificate if you were previously living abroad. This document serves as proof of your citizenship when you return to the U.S. 

Why Would You Need Form N-565?

The immigration documents mentioned above are vital to your ability to live and obtain employment in the U.S. If you lose access to your documents or the information on them needs to be updated, you will need to apply for replacements.

There are various circumstances wherein you would need to file Form N-565, such as:

Your Documents Are Lost or Stolen

You know how crucial it is to maintain your immigration documents in a safe place; however, despite your best efforts, there are times when this essential paperwork might be misplaced or stolen. As soon as you discover the documents missing, file a USCIS Form N-565 to initiate the replacement process.

Your Certificates Are Damaged

Documents with minor damage that are still legible may still serve their purpose. Though if your certificates are irreparably damaged or are no longer readable, employers, universities, and government agencies will likely refuse them as proof of your citizenship. 

You Undergo a Name Change

When you legally change your name, you will need updated certificates that show your corrected information. Reasons for a name change may include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • A court order

You Correct a Date of Birth Error

If your original certificates include the wrong birthdate, you can request new documents. You’ll need to provide a court order or a state-issued form of some kind that confirms the correction.

You Have Changed Your Gender

New USCIS citizenship documents can be issued if you have changed your gender. You will need to submit supporting evidence and use Form N-565 to reflect this change.

Supporting evidence should include:

  • A court document that recognizes your changed gender.
  • Certification from a healthcare provider confirming your gender identity coincides with your new gender designation.
  • Another government-issued document acknowledging your new gender.

If you’ve undergone gender reassignment surgery, USCIS does not need proof of this procedure.

A Typographical Error on Your Certificate

The government can amend incorrect information on your original certificate of citizenship due to a USCIS typographical error during data entry using updated documents. However, the USCIS may not be able to fix mistakes due to incorrect information that you provided and verified with an oath or signature.

If You Are Seeking a Special Certificate for a Foreign Country

Foreign countries may require a specialized certificate to recognize an individual as a U.S. citizen. If you are a naturalized citizen looking to be granted a special certificate, you can apply using Form N-565.

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