Citizenship Application: What you need to know

The U.S. citizenship application is the longest and most complicated form the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services uses. Form N-400 Application for Naturalization is filled out by those who meet the requirements for U.S. citizenship.

The citizenship application itself is 20 pages long. The questions range from biographical information to travel history, family history and much more. The citizenship application is purposefully very thorough because the USCIS is trying to determine if you meet all the requirements to become a U.S. citizen.

Some applicants choose to fill out the U.S. citizenship application themselves, which is completely fine, but you must ensure that you have not made any mistakes. The instructions for form N-400 are 18 pages long. They cover what you need to know when filling out the citizenship application.

The instructions also go over how to complete the application. The USCIS suggest using black ink if you’re filling out the application by hand or type out the application. The USCIS asks if you need more space to complete any questions you can attach a separate sheet of paper as long as it has your name, Alien Registration Number, page number, part number, and item number for the answer at the top of the page.

Mistakes on the citizenship application can lead to costly delays, rejections, or denials from the USCIS. Some of the most common mistakes on the U.S. citizenship application include forgetting to sign the application. There are several signatures required when completing this application.

Applicants also tend to forget to include the proper payment to the USCIS. Checks must be made payable to the “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”. Any other abbreviations will be rejected by the USCIS. A rejection typically means an applicant can reapply after correcting the error in question but means the applicant’s citizenship process will take longer.

The cost of completing the citizenship application as of May 2018 is $640 plus an $85 biometric fee. Both fees bring the total to $725. The USCIS fees can change with very little notice. However, they typically do not decrease. Be sure to check the associated fees before submitting your application.

If you’ve been contemplating applying for U.S. citizenship you should consider completing the application sooner rather than later to avoid paying more later on, in case the fees rise.

Once the citizenship application is complete, the time it takes for the USCIS to process the application can vary tremendously. The time it takes to process depends on your case and where you are filing.

In the Los Angeles area, the USCIS is completing applications between 9.5 and 14 months. The USCIS is very clear that even the posted processing times can change without prior notice.

If you’re considering completing the U.S. citizenship application, consider using FileRight. FileRight works to simplify the immigration paperwork process by breaking down questions into a format that’s easier to understand.

Our service also checks for common errors as you complete your U.S. citizenship application. And, at an additional affordable cost, you have the option on to choose to have a licensed immigration attorney review your application and provide a 15-minute consultation in case you have any further questions regarding your application.

FileRight customers have said they feel much more confident in completing their citizenship application using our service as opposed to tackling the application on their own.

You can find out if you’re eligible to complete the U.S. citizenship application using our service with this free automated quiz.

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