How to Renew an Employment Authorization Document or Work Permit?


If you have an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)- also known as a work permit – it’s important to make sure it’s always valid.


You can check if your work permit is valid by looking at the expiration date printed on the front of the EAD card.


If your work permit is expired, you’ll need to apply for renewal. You can renew EAD using Form I-765 as soon as 120 days from its expiration.


Keep in mind that it can take ninety days or more for the USCIS to process this application.


Be careful and take your time when filling out Form I-765. If you accidentally enter incorrect information, the application may be rejected, further delaying your replacement work permit.


Like almost all immigration forms, Form I-765 should be filed with supporting documentation.


Different documentation may be required depending on how you got your work authorization.


FileRight can help in preparing your Form I-765. We provide a self-help software service to prepare your EAD renewal.



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